10 Baths To Dream About This Winter

With the weather finally cooling down a bit, I have been hankering for a big bubble bath. Growing up in London, we had these huge claw tubs that my mum would fill full of bubbles and I’m sure I spent far too little time actually enjoying the bath than I did trying to get out of it. Oh how I wish I could go back to those days! Now that we live in an apartment, the bath leaves a lot to be desired and I find myself barely ever relaxing in it because it’s so small! So today, I’ve browsed around the internet for baths I wish I could step into – Come join me!


I would probably never exit this bath. Photo Credit: Home Modish


Oh I could sink into this. Photo Credit: The Inspired Room


Definitely wouldn’t mind lying in this listening to the rain outside. Photo Credit: House Beautiful


Looks so fresh and so clean. Photo Credit: Home Bunch


Anyone would be inspired by this tub. Photo Credit: Daily Arch Design


Photo Credit: House Beautiful


Love these steps up into the copper tub. Photo Credit: So sorry can’t remember where I found it! If anyone knows, please let me know and I’ll credit it!


Photo Credit: Creative Homebody

bathrooms 1

Love the rustic feel to this bathroom! Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy


Perfect country feel. Photo Credit: DailyDivaDish



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