Happy Friday (links)!!!!!

photo (1)

FYI this picture has nothing to do with the week. If anything, it’s a reminder of the awesome time LAST weekend in Ojai! But what better way to start a weekend than with a no handlebars bike ride!

So it’s finally FRIDAY and halloween to boot! It’s been a busy week – my show got picked up for more episodes!(Yay to having a job!) J is back from a business trip tonight and I’m so ready for lie-ins,a massage this weekend and celebrating J’s granny’s 80th.

But before that, this week has been a good one in terms of links and I’ve put some of my favorite below!

Hope you enjoy  these AND the clocks going back this Sunday!:)
– An alphabet rap like none I’ve ever heard before
– My love for Jimmy Fallon grows stronger every day
– Although I am married, I still loved this advice for heartbreak from A Cup of Jo
– What are your thoughts of a capsule wardrobe? I am really thinking about doing it!
– THIS! I want this sooooo badly! As does my sister-in-law. In-law Twins, I tell ya. In-law twins.
– I save this post from a long time ago for when I had a reason to have great hair. – Grandma’s 80th seems as good a time as any!
– If only I didn’t live in Southern California. I would wrap up in this!
– Campaigning for my birthday to be bought this candle for my birthday because I cannot justify the price but pray that others can!
– And my favorite piece this week. What an incredible article! Age is just a number.








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